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CLASS of 1962’
Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija
By: Col. Mateo H. Luga

The Special Officer’s Candidate Course (SOCC) Class of 1962 at Fort Magsaysay came into being after the School for Reserved Command (SRC), which was founded in 1937 pursuant to the provisions of Section 34, Article IV of the National Defense Act, was disbanded. Thereafter, Army training directive was issued on April 6, 1959 requiring SRC to conduct Non-Commissioned Officer Course (NCOC) instead. SRC then vacated its old site in Fort McKinley, Rizal and transferred to Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija. After the NCOC Class Nos. 1, 2 and 3 graduated during the period April 10, 1959 to January 29, 1960, SOCC came into existence.

Alumni of the SOCC Class of 1962 at Fort Magsaysay, Laur, Nueva Ecija, have one of the biggest number of graduates of an Advance Military Training Course in the annals of Philippine History. More than two hundred and fifty (250) graduates of Reserve Officer’s Training Course (ROTC) from the different schools all over the country converged at Fort Magsasay to participate in this history activity with highest number of trainees of an advance military training course and to be later on admitted and called into active military service. Fresh from college at the prime years of their teen age life, the Army at Fort Magsaysay turned these boys into men.

These breed of fine young men from all walks of life of different culture, tradition and religious belief bonded together and learned the value of valor, camaraderie and survival by clinging into each others arm to become band of brothers. Many joined the active service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) after their graduation to become one among the finest officers and gentlemen of the Philippine Military. Those who did not joined the active service became successful career executives in the civilian government and in business, in the private sector.

Special Officers Candidate Course
Batch 1962
Fort Magsaysay

ABAD, Arturo S., FEU, Manila
ABOGA, Jovilito, UST, Manila
AGUILLON, Bernardino G., JRC, Manila
AGUSTIN, Angel JE, UST, Manila
ALFARO, Herminingildo B. (+), UST, Manila
ALMAZAN, Efren N., UST, Manila
APOLINAR, Wilfredo A., ArU, Manila
ARAQUEL, Melanio S., ArU, Manila
ASISTIN, Floro A., UE, Manila
AUSTRIACO, Eduardo V., FEU, Manila
AVERRILA, Jose AE, ArU, Manila
BALILO, Rogelio C., UE, Manila
BALOCATING, Alejandro P., PCC, Manila
BALTAZAR, Manolo M. (+), JRC, Manila
BANUT, Getulio F. UE Manila
BAUZON, Sindulfo H., Jr., MIT, Manila
BESARIO, Rogelio C., JRC, Manila
BORRE, Edmundo R., UM, Manila
BRIONES, Nilberto R., SSC, Manila
BUENAFE, Narciso P., MCU, Manila
BUENVIAJE, Virgilio M., MLQU, Manila
BURGOS, George A. MIT, Manila
CABALLERO, Cirilio D. (+), GIT, Manila
CABANOS, Eduardo G. ArU, Manila
CADIENTE, Rodolfo M., UE Manila
CANTOS, Gaudencio G., Jr., FEU, Manila
CAMAHALAN, Abelardo T., MLQU, Manila
CARANGUIAN, Virgilio U., MCU, Manila
CASTANAR, Benjamin C., UE, Manila
CASTILLO, Exequiel DL, FEU, Manila
CELIS, Enrique V., UST, Manila
CERENO, Ludovico N., ArU, Manila
CASTRO, Luis G. de, FEU, Manila
CRUZ, Alejandro S., PCC, Manila
CRUZ, Emilio R., PCC, Manila
CUEVAS, Carmelo B., UST, Manila
CUSTODIO, Franciso B. (+), UE, Manila
DALUPE, Marcial V., MIT, Manila
DRACIANG, Romeo C. (+), MLQU, Manila
DARAUY, Napoleon N., NU, Manila
DELLOSA, Ellie F., UE, Manila
DEAMITO, Celestino F., UP, Manila
DOMINE, Gilbert D., UE, Manila
DURAN, Ceasar J., Jr., SJLC, Manila
ESCALONA, Severino J., ArU, Manila
EUGENIO, Carlos P., ArU, Manila
ESTURCO, Rodolfo C., FEU, Manila
FERNANDEZ, Romeo P., PCAT, Manila
FRANCO, Rosauro A., UST, Manila
GABASA, Nicanor M., UE, Manila
GALVAN, Jess E. Jr., MLQU, Manila
GAPASIN, Demetrio G., UST, Manila
GRACIA, Primitivo A., MLQU, Manila
GELERA, Gabino T., ArU, Manila
HONTANOSAS, Rogelio L., UE, Manila
ILADA, Patricio B., FEU, Manila
ISULAT, Lauro H., FC, Manila
JAVATE, Virgilio P., PCC, Manila
JAVELLANA, Rodolfo B., UM, Manila
JAYMALIN, Roberto M., JRC, Manila
JUAN, Ernesto F., Ara U, Manila
JUAN, Florencio B., UE, Manila
KASILAG, Edgardo L (+), JRC, Manila
KOH, Candito T., MLQU, Manila
LAMIAO, Concordio P., Ara U, Manila
LAZO, Sofronio L Jr., UST, Manila
LOPEZ, Edgardo L., SLJC, Manila
MAGLALANG, Cesar S., MCU, Manila
MAGALONZO, Angelito P., FCP, Manila
MAGNO, Felix S., Ara U, Manila
MAMARDLO, Euginio R. MIT, Manila
MANZANILLO, Orlando G., MLQU, Manila
MANZANO, Manuel P., MIT, Manila
MARANON, Augosto M., FEU, Manila
MARI, Fortunato T. Jr., GIT, Manila
MATABALO, Dunda K., MLQU, Manila
MATACOT, Esmeraldo V., PCC, Manila
MENDOZA, Ernesto V., PCAT, Manila
MIJARES, Nestor H., FEU, Manila
NABUA, Tito S., UE, Manila
NORCIO, Clodualdo R., FEU, Manila
OMBAC, Rafael VC (+), AU, Manila
PACUBAS, Elijas P., Ara U, Manila
PADUA, David S., UE, Manila
PALAGAR, Antonio C., FEU, Manila
PANDAPATAN, Dimalapang M., UM, Manila
PARAN, Ferdinand O., MIT, Mandaluyong, Rizal
PASCUAL, Romoe M., Ara U, Manila
PEDERNAL, Florinio T., AU, Mandaluyong, Rizal
PLATON, Vidal C., Ara U, Mandaluyong, Rizal
QUIAMBAO, Benjamin D., MIT, Mandaluyong, Rizal
RAMOS, Teodoro T. R., FEU, Caloocan City
REAL, Rogelio M., PCAT, Caloocan City
REGALA, Jose L., UE, Caloocan City
REGINALDO, Justo M., MLQU, Caloocan City
REMO, Glirecio N., AU, Caloocan City
REYNA, Antonio D JR., PLS, Caloocan City
RIVERA, Nicanor S., PCAT, Caloocan City
ROSALES, Romeo P., FEU, Caloocan City
ROSARIO, Firmo S., UE, Caloocan City
ROSAS, Alfredo S., FEU, Caloocan City
ROXAS, Manuel C., AU, Caloocan City
RUBILLIAR, Jacinto N., PCC, Caloocan City
RUETAS, Javier N., PCC, Caloocan City
RUETAS, Juanito N., PCC, Caloocan City
SABIRIN, Ganarol A., MCU, Caloocan City
SALUDARES, Santiago S., MIT, Caloocan City
SANGCAP, Gregorio A., FEU, Caloocan City
SAN JUAN, Roaldno C., UP, Caloocan City
SANTIAGO, Carmelito Y., AU, Caloocan City
SOLOMON, Abelardo I., Ara U, Caloocan City
SORIANO, Honorato B., UST, Caloocan City
SULIT, Bayani delos A., UE, Quezon City
SUMANGIL, Marcos D., UM, Quezon City
SUNDIANG, Antonio P., UP, Quezon City
TAONG, Paulino H., MLQU, Quezon City
TEVES, Antonio R., UE, Caloocan City


Probationay 2d Lts. Unit Address

ARCEDERA, Crispin B., San Pablo College, San Pablo City
BADURIA, David B. UNC Legaspi City
BALLDARES, Herminio J., UP Los Baños, Laguna
BUEN, Jose P. BRSAT Legaspi City
CAMURUNGAN, Ruben G. UP Los Baños
CASTANEDA, Rustico, San Pablo College, San Pablo City
ESCARTIN, Ignacio, San Pablo College, San Pablo City
ESTRADA, Plaridel E., San Pablo College, San Pablo City
GUERERRO, Jose O., Legaspi College, Legaspi City
LORINO, Arsenio L., Legaspi College, Legaspi City
PAMOR, Romy V., Legaspi College, Legaspi City
REBATO, Rodolfo R., Legaspi College, Legaspi City
REDOBLADO, Rogelio R., Legaspi City, Legaspi City
UDARBE, Eufreceles D., UP Los Baños, Laguna
VELCHEZ, Segifredo T., Legaspi College, Legaspi City


Probationary 2nd Lts. Unit Address

ALBAYATA, Lorenzo B., Cebu Sch. Arts & Trade, Cebu City
ALBERTO, Benito B., Cebu Inst. of Tech, Cebu City
ALBESA, Francisco R., St. Paul College, Tacloban City
ALBINA, Franciso L., Foundation College, Dumaguete City
ALBURO, Rene E., USP, Cebu Ctiy
ALIVIO, Jose T., USC, Cebu City
ALVAREZ, Ricardo S., Capiz College, Roxas City
ANDOY, Gregorio F., USP, Cebu City
APDO, Dionesio T., CIT, Cebu City
APUNGAN, Rogelio T., West Negros College, Bacolod Ctiy
ARACAN, Bernabe P., USP, Cebu City
ARANAS, DAmie V., CIT, Cebu City
AREVALO, Antonio A., C dela Pusisima, Concep Roxas City
BADEO, Edilberto D., Leyte College, Burauen, Leyte
BAREDO, Feliciano B., Cebu City College, Cebu City
BERAN, Luis M. Jr., USC, Cebu City
BESANA, Arturo B., Aklan College, Kalibo, Aklan
BUHAWE, Lunel B., Capiz College, Roxas City
CAPARUSO, Crisologo D., Foundation University, Dumaguete City
CAPUNDAG, Oscar S., Cebu A & T, Cebu City
CARTERA, Augusto M., Cebu City College, Cebu City
CASTRONUEVO, Abelo S., U San Agustin, Iloilo City
CELOSO, Emilo O. Jr., Lincoln College, Iloilo City
CONOPIO, Dominador C., UNO, Bacolod City
CARLONCITO, Felipe V. (+), USP, Cebu City
CUENCA, Tito C. Jr., CIT, Cebu City
DIVINO, Camelio P., CPU, Iloilo City
ELEFAN, Reynaldo C. (+). U San Agustin, Iloilo City
ESTACA, Rumolo S., U San Agustin, Iloilo City
FAJARDO, Rafael M., Holy Name, College Bohol
FERNANDEZ, Lino A., Cebu City College, Cebu City
FRUCTOSO, Giovani B., Capiz College, Roxas City
GANGOSO, Amador J. (+), Lilncon College, Iloilo City
GARCES, Teofanes D., SWU, Cebu City
GEROCHI, Ricardo P. Jr., U San Agustin, Iloilo City

GIL, Dioscoro G., ISAT, Iloilo City
HISONA, Romeo O., UNO, Bacolod City
JABAGAT, Miguel C., Foundation, College Dumaguete City
JAVELLANA, Antonio G. (+), Iloilo City College, Iloilo City
JOSOL, Roselio C., U San Agustin, Iloilo City
KING, Arnulfo D. (+), Cebu A & T, Cebu City
LABITAD, Anastacio G., Cebu A & T, Cebu City
LACSON, Sigfred S., UNO, Bacolod city
LAJERA, Zenaido C., St. Paul College, Tacloban City
LASTIMOSO, Bernardo T., Leyte College, Buraen, Leyte
LAUREA, Hector, UNO, Bacolod City
LETRONDO, Benny A., Colegio De San Jose, Cebu City
LIM, Rogelio B., CIT, Cebu City
LUCERO, Rizalino A., CIT, Cebu City
LUGA, Mateo H., Silliman University, Dumaguete City
LUMANOG, Roberto L., Jr., Visayan Central College, Iloilo City
MAGOMNANG, Mangigin D., Cebu A & T, Cebu City
MATULA, Eliezar G., ISAT, Iloilo City
MAGSAYO, Nemesio A., St. Paul College, Tacloban City
MAYANDIA, Gabriel D., Lincoln College, Cebu City
MINOZA, Ricardo B., USC, Cebu City
NACAR, Allen M., CIT, Cebu City
OBLIGACION, Romeo P., Capiz College, Roxas City
PABUALAAN, Manuel L., CIT, Cebu City
PAGSUGUIRON, Ernesto Q., West Negros College, Bacolod City
RECONQUISITA, Rene A., CPU, Ilolio City
RIVERA, Franciso C., SWU, Cebu City
ROCAMORA, Rodolfo M., CIT, Cebu City
RODIS, Rogelio B., USP, Cebu City
ROSALIE, Crecensiano S., U San Agustin, Iloilo City
SEGAY, Julio E., ISAT, Iloilo City
TABUENA, Federico C. Jr., Silliman University, Dumaguete City
TAMAYO, Rodolfo P., Iloilo City College, Iloilo City
TUMLOS, Saturnino, South Western University, Cebu City
TIU, Lito L., Cebu Sch A & T, Cebu City
VITO, Godofredo R., Cebu Trade School, Cebu City
YCAY, Blandino A., NVC Kalibo, Aklan


Prob. 2nd Lts. Units Address

ALAAN, Antipolo B., Fr. Urios College, Butuan City
ALIVIO, Uldarico H., St. Michael College, Iligan City
AUSTRIA, Romeo M. ,Andres Bonifacio College, Dipolog Z del Norte
BAES, Bartolome L., Mindanao Ins. of Tech., Kabacan, Cotabato
BALO, Elpidio B., St. Peters College, Iligan City
BAROLA, Rolando B., Immaculate Concepcion, Ozamis City
BEBOSO,Rolando D., Mindanao Agri College, Musuan, Bukidnoon
BELDAD, Rodolfo T., Misamis College, Ozamis City
BELCINA, Leonardo S., St. Vincent College, Dipolog, Z del Norte
CABAJON, Faustino T., Notre Dame College, Jolo, Sulo
CACO, Casam S., Kamilol Islam College, Marawi City
CAINTA, Iluminado, Andres Bonifacio College, Dipolog, Z del Norte
CALE, Sulog B., St. Michael’s College, Iligan City
CALIZO, Roque, VB Ateneo de Davao, Davao City
CARPIO, Vivencio M., Jr., Andres Bonifacio, College Dipolog, Z. del Norte
CELICIOUS, Favian O., Andres Bonifacio College, Dipolog, Z. del Norte
COLITA, Cesar T., Xaivier University, Cagayan De Oro City
DECANO, Felipe N., Noter Dame of Marbel Koronadal, Cotabato City
DERLA, Juanito D. Jr., Xavier University, Cagayan De Oro
DAJUELA, Bienvinido, St. Vincent College, Dipolog City
EMATA, Virgilio S., Xavier University, Cagayan De Oro
FERNANDEZ, James P., Mindanao College, Davao City
FLORES, Bienvenido L., Jr., Notre Dame, Koronadal, Cotabato
GENOBIAGON, Rafael P. Jr., Mindanao College, Davao City
GUERRA, Leonardo P., Rizal Memorial College,,Davao City
ILANA, Sulpicio B., Liteo De Cagayan, Cagayan De Oro City
HURBODA, Senen P., Mindanao Agri. Col., Musuan, Bukidnon
JUMAU-AS, Domingo B., A Bonifacio College, Dipolog Z. del Norte
KHO, Jaime B., A Bonifacio College, Dipolog, Z del Norte
LASOLA, Benjamin S. Jr., Notre Dame College, Jolo, Sulo
MABITO, Carlos B., Notre Dame College, Jolo, Sulo
MACALIMBON, Maungangun B., Notre Dame College, Jolo, Sulo
MADOLIN, Teofilo P., St. Michael College, Iligan City
MAGOYAG, Alaoya, Kamilol Islam College, Marawi City
MARAVILLES, Precioso P., Mindanao Inst. Of Tech, Kabacan, Cotabato
MARTINEZ, Leonardo V., A Bonifacio College, Dipolog, Z. del Norte
PALER, Jose C., Harvadian College, Ozamiz City
MATALINES, Thomasito C. Mindanao College, Davao City
MATANOG, Mamalagia K., Southern Mindanao Col., Pagadian, Z del Sur
MENDEZ, Efren L., Mindanao College, Davao City
OLIVAR, Deciderio A., St. Vincent College Dipolog City, Z. del Norte
ORDINARIA, Cayetano S., Liceo de Cagayan, Cagayan de Oro
ORTIZ, Toribio M., Notre Dame College,,Jolo, Sulo
PAYUNAN, Rodolfo, J. Rizal Memorial College, Davao City
PASTORIZA, Carlos D. S., Mindanao College, Pagadian City
OMEGA, Domingo C., ICC, Ozamis City
REMATIGUE, Marcelino E., Notre Dame College, Cotabato City
RIGOR, Pablo D. (+), Mizamis College, Ozamis City
RUBIO, Dominador B., Mindanao Ins. of Tech., Kabakan, Cotabato City
SAAD, Papala L., St. Peter’s College, Iligan City
SORDILLA, Patricio O., Mindanao Inst. of Tech., Kabacan, Cotabato City
SABDULA, Malatos D., St. Michael College, Iligan City
TABIMINA, Max R., C Liceo de Cagayan, Cagayan De Oro
TANGAPA, Alberto D., Notre Dame College, Cotabato City
TAN, Teodoro A., Misamis College, Ozamis City
TIO, Roy M., Rizal Memorial College, Davao City
VALLE, Rogelio F., Mindanao Agri College, Musuan, Bukidnon
YBANEZ, Jose E., Xavier University, Cagayan De Oro City

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